Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas eve and this is how I feel

I spent basically all day working on the house. When I wasn't at the house I was getting supplies (borrowing power tools, getting plumbing stuff, and so forth.) Now it's probably time to go to bed. So instead I'm on the internet looking at supplies and calculating how I'm going to change the kitchen sink area so that we can install a dishwasher in the near future. At least if I stay up until 3am it won't be on the computer (I hope.)

As I side note, I just love this comic. The artist can draw very well, but for some reason he draws the main characters as stick figures. Then you have the irony of whenever there is actually good artistry (even better than this one) and the characters are still stick figures.

Also if you decide to follow this comic, be warned. Not all of them are the cleanest. I just avoid those ones.


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