Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Clean Energy Bill?

The US house recently passed a bill that they called, "American Clean Energy and Security Act." (Bill and Votes). I'm still shocked that this bill passed. Some of the frightening things about this bill is that it is hundreds of pages long, and then the night before it was to be voted on, an amendment was added that was also hundreds of pages long. The US house of representatives voted on this bill before they even had enough time to read it.

Now that may be bad enough (or it may be business as usual for congress) but then I was shocked to hear that Greenpeace opposes the bill. Now that is something frightening: a bill that is supposed to help the environment that Greenpeace opposes. That would be like a bill touted to expand animal rights that PETA opposes. It's like a bill touting to help all news outlets that CNN opposes.

My one hope is that the senate will stop the bill. The bill barely passed the house, and the senate isn't planning on doing anything with it until fall. So at least we have until then to lobby congress to stop it.



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